Welcome Anna!

We are very excited to announce that Anna Meyer has accepted to join our staff at Griffon Lore Games!

Anna is a leading artist in the fantasy map world and has contributed already to many popular games and settings. We encourage you to look at Anna’s work for the Greyhawk maps of the Flaeness (http://ghmaps.net)
or her recent work for the Midgard campaign setting. See if you are as excited as us about what Anna is going to be bringing to Griffon Lore Games products!

In her position as Director of Cartography, Anna will oversee all the parts of our creative process that originate or are supported by maps. She will create maps for our products to come and also work with the other talented artists who are completing the cartography art these products will be using.

While Anna will continue working on other projects she is passionate about, we are thrilled to see how she will help Griffon Lore Games grow and discover new horizons!

Anna, Let’s explore that map together 😊

You can join Anna at anna@griffonloregames.com

See the Curse of the Lost Memories Cover Live at RPC Germany May 12 & 13!

And it. Is. Spectacular.

This is one for the ages folks. Oliver went above and beyond, and it is our desire that the quality of the content inside is as good as the outside.

You can see the cover before anyone else live in all its glory at Oliver Wetter’s shared booth at RPC-Germany – „Die Apokalyptischen Zeichner“ booth E-058 – F-059 on May 12th and 13th in Cologne.

Later, we’ll post the wallpaper to the Discord channel and then several days after that, here. At that point, you won’t be able to escape it, mwa-ha-ha-ha!

All the best,
Anthony Pacheco
Griffon Lore Games