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Last Chance to Update Your Address!

It’s been a journey getting our books to physical print.

We print our books in the United States, so we’ve avoided the giant brouhaha of the tariff issues recently imposed on books printed in China. We’re not talking about a small printer, either, but a printer/distributor that numerous other publishing companies use (including, on occasion, Amazon).

So it was our surprise that the printed proofs we got back did not match the eProofs and were messed up. Twice. The printer was super embarrassed about these issues, but now we have correct proofs and even made a small print run of two boxes of books which had no problems and look great.

If you have moved, please update your address in Kickstarter here: Otherwise we will send your physical goods to the wrong location. If you have not responded to the survey at all, now is the time.

Our apologies for the delay between PDFs and physical goods.

How to Obtain an Upgrade

If you are a Kickstarter backer, email with (or from) your Kickstarter email address, and the tier you would like to upgrade to, and we’ll send you an invoice for the difference and then mail our your book(s). For upgrading, we’ll need you to register on our website with your current shipping address.

How to Obtain Digital Goods

Many of you have registered on our website and received the PDFs.  Some of you have not. Kickstarter can’t deliver these PDFs, but our fancy-schmancy website can. We’ll make another pass on newly registered users and match their email address to Kickstarter so you can download your PDFs. Email with any issues obtaining digital goods.

Best Regards,
Anthony & Christophe

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