Burials of Teganshire

A 5E and Pathfinder 1E Modular Adventure

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Burials of Teganshire

Staying alive

will be the least of your troubles.

The road through Tegan's Bridge is not safe anymore.

The small village of Teganhsire is in disarray as the workers sent to repair the bridge never came back to town, and rumors spread that a monster has killed them all. Hired PCs investigate the situation but find themselves thrown into a maelstrom of druidic intrigue and repercussions of an old feud between the village and forest spirits.

Burials of Teganshire is a module for level 1-3 characters the DM can use in any campaign setting (commercial or homebrew). It is the first module of the Circle of the Blood Moon adventure path that will take characters to level 10, through a long campaign filled with complex encounters and ancient mysteries.

A Challenging Campaign Setting Agnostic, Modular Adventure

We wanted to put modular back into the module. The Kingdom of Lothmar is our setting, and in the appendix of the module, we guide how to play this adventure in Lothmar. However, we designed it so that if you want to play the module in your campaign world, you totally can. How do we achieve that? First off, the action of the module is local; it spans an area of about 15 miles wide, that you can easily plug into your preferred setting. Also, we made sure to strip any lore or NPC behavior that would not apply to most game worlds, offering the possibility to play it as it is, or DMs to add their custom lore-specific content to their liking.

Heroic Content for Heroic PCs

We want players to feel like heroes. Our modules are challenging and complex because players do not like to feel their progression is undeserved. Nothing beats a party of players cheering at each other after a tough battle. We also believe that actions should have consequences, and our modules include many different possible endings based on how the players behaved. Motivated and plausible NPCs support compelling stories. Every important NPC has motivations and perspectives, giving DMs the tools to bring the environment to life.

Stuffed with Amazing Maps and High-Quality Goodness!

First, the maps: We're pretty proud of them and excited to put them in your hands. We humbly think we have the best maps in the industry!

This module comes with maps-you-can-play-with. Our maps are no mere fancy illustrations for the book; they are immersive tools for players and DMs to use. The maps presented in the module are of small enough scale that, again, you can plug them into your world. We think of maps as story generators: when characters need to travel from one locale to another, a rich and detailed map turns that journey into an adventure.

  • Kandra Full Page Map by Anna Meyer
  • Kandra Overland Zoom Map by Anna Meyer
  • Teganshire Village Battle Map by Daniel Hasenbos
  • Tegan's Bridge Battle Map by Daniel Hasenbos
  • The Grotto DM Battle Map by Daniel Hasenbos
  • The Grotto VTT Battle Map by Daniel Hasenbos

Burials of Teganshire is 30 pages with an easy to use layout, printed on 70lb paper using a premium color printing technique. The PDF includes a free 16-page PDF of the Viscounty of Kandra Gazetteer. Buy today; you won't be disappointed!


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  • Curse of the Lost Memories Digital Map Pack

    Do you like maps? We love maps. And we have five high-resolution maps for you!
    • Crossroads Village by Tad Davis
    • Silas Tower  (5' squares on playable areas) by Tad Davis
    • Temple of Dvalin (5' squares on playable areas) by Tad Davis
    • Castle Wailmoor (5' squares on playable areas) by Tad Davis
    • The Lost Barony of Wailmoor by Anna Meyer
    Lost Barony of Wailmoor Map
    The Wailmoor map, by Anna Meyer, takes fantasy cartography to a whole new level. Rendered at an absurd level of detail (24"x36" 300+ DPI), this is an excellent map for DMs and players alike.
    Temple of Dvalin Map
    A two-part dungeon romp complete with 5' squares for all of your tactical needs
    Castle Wailmoor Map
    This expertly crafted map shows all the detail to the small but magical Castle Wailmoor and the Old Elven Tower attached to it.
    Silas Tower Map
    A short and sweet abandoned mage tower, complete with basement... and a trapped demon!
    Crossroads Village Map
    Calling it a village might be overstating it, but this beautiful map in high-resolution brings out the rural nature of the Inn at the Crossroads.

    File Details

    Warning--these map files are large, combined both files are 142 MB! CC1-Hi-Res-Map-Pack-v1-1-of-2.zip contains all of Tad Davis's maps, while CC1-Hi-Res-Map-Pack-v1-2-of-2.zip contains Anna Meyer's map. The Curse of the Lost Memories Map Pack is not on the Open Gaming License.
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