Get Started with Video

Get Started with Video and Plug Into the Almighty YouTube Sales Funnel !


The author sitting next to you might sell 10 times as many books as you simply because he or she has a YouTube channel with periodic uploads. If you can spare 4 to 5 hours a week, you can create videos or vlogs and start building one of the best platforms to create superfans and drive sales. We’ll go over successful YouTubers and the basics of setting up a YouTube channel and creating/editing a video.


Matt Colville

(politics free)

RPG Pundit

(some politics)


Jon del Arroz


YouTube Demographics

  • Differs per subject/interest
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy: at least 90% male
  • Many watchers are readers

Video Monetization Options

It's A Trap! | Know Your Meme
Yeah, don’t do it.