Burials of Teganshire Indiegogo Campaign: We did it!

Here we are across the finish line!

Thanks everyone! We appreciate your business–Tales of Lothmar is going to be a great line of products.

Those on the fence can still back, as the campaign has moved into InDemand mode.

Fulfillment Timeline

We are going to move quickly to fulfillment. As soon as Indiegogo sends us the cash and emails, we’ll send out the PDFs’ coupon. We do digital fulfillment through our store website at https://griffonloregames.com/.

Print copies are moving along, too. Theoretically (it’s always a bit unsure in the COVID-19 shipping world), we should get the printed proofs today and approve them. We’re still optimistic the printed versions will go out in September, too. 

Our support alias is support@griffonloregames.com.

Best Regards,
Anthony, Christophe, Anna, and Etta

Not too late to get your copy, click on the cover and head on over to Indiegogo.