Chronicles of the Celestial Chains

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  • Curse of the Lost Memories

    A chilling wind rises on the moor, blowing at the jagged granite tors and slowly moving the banks of thick grey fog covering the treacherous bogs. Over the last few months, aberrations and crazed animals have been coming out of the moor and harassing the local populous at the much-beloved inn at a vital rest stop along the Viscount’s primary trade route. Long ago a battle was fought against demons in the moors, scattering its peoples to the neighboring lands, a battle no one remembers. A mega-module, for levels 1 to 4 on the Chronicles of the Celestial Chains Adventure Path for 5E or Pathfinder 1E, either as a hardcover or PDF.
    • 200 + Pages
    • Commissioned artwork
    • Original cartography
    • Hard fantasy with real choices having real consequences
    Curse of the Lost Memories is the first volume of the Chronicles of the Celestial Chains adventure path. It's hard fantasy—a ruthless environment with successful villains, detailed political setting, and tough consequences for heroes’ mistakes. The player characters have memories that are seemingly not their own—visions of the past that don’t feel like visions, some lingering while others are vanishing as if hiding from something dark. The external threat coming from the local moors is only part of the fight PCs finds themselves in. This isn’t simply a mission for the local Viscount to clean out a moor of monsters but a war for their very identities. They must stand together or perish all. The module will take characters from level 1 to level 4 and brings them through four narrative acts of a story arc, yielding 10-15 sessions of play.
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  • Curse of the Lost Memories Digital Map Pack

    Do you like maps? We love maps. And we have five high-resolution maps for you!
    • Crossroads Village by Tad Davis
    • Silas Tower  (5' squares on playable areas) by Tad Davis
    • Temple of Dvalin (5' squares on playable areas) by Tad Davis
    • Castle Wailmoor (5' squares on playable areas) by Tad Davis
    • The Lost Barony of Wailmoor by Anna Meyer

    Lost Barony of Wailmoor Map

    The Wailmoor map, by Anna Meyer, takes fantasy cartography to a whole new level. Rendered at an absurd level of detail (24"x36" 300+ DPI), this is a great map for DMs and players alike.

    Temple of Dvalin Map

    A two-part dungeon romp complete with 5' squares for all of your tactical needs

    Castle Wailmoor Map

    This expertly crafted map shows all the detail to the small, but magical Castle Wailmoor and the Old Elven Tower attached to it.

    Silas Tower Map

    A short and sweet abandoned mage tower, complete with basement... and a trapped demon!

    Crossroads Village Map

    Calling it a village might be overstating it, but this beautiful map in high-resolution really brings out the rural nature of the Inn at the Crossroads.

    File Details

    Waring--these map files are large, combined both files are 142 MB! contains all of Tad Davis's maps, while contains Anna Meyer's map. The Curse of the Lost Memories Map Pack is not on the Open Gaming Licesnse.
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  • FREE: Curse of the Lost Memories Player’s Guide

    That was another sleepless night. The dreams started after sunset. Still the same dreams. The barren moor, strange knights in powerful armor, a lonely tower out in the wilderness. And the fear, the anger, the sadness. Always the sadness. Long after you woke, your heart kept pounding in your chest, not being able to get back to sleep. You must do something about these visions that aren’t visions. You cannot ignore them any longer. These memories are not yours. But they might just kill you.
    Add the free Curse of the Lost Memories Player's guide into your cart and enter a hard fantasy world by Griffon Lore Games. If you dare.
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  • FREE: Curse of the Lost Memories Pre-Gen PC Pack

    This bundle contains:
    • 5E Pre-Generated Player Character PDFs
    • Pathfinder 1.E Pre-Generated Player Character PDFs
    • Hero Lab 5E SRD .POR files
    • Hero Lab Pathfinder 1E .POR files
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